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Internship Program of 2017

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Internship Details:

Depending on your internship, you will be either working with the marketing team, the sales team or the program team to acquire practical knowledge of the workforce and learn useful skills that you can apply in your future career.

  • Passionate about quality
  • Must be able to create marketing content and materials
  • Fast learner, willing to experiment with new technologies and processes
  • Challenge the status quo and propose new, disruptive approaches to existing problems
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Marketing, Sales, or Computer Programming knowledge is a plus

Arbeit benefits!

Arbeit offers one of, if not the best benefits of any startup tech company in Buffalo! We pride ourselves on taking care of each-other and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Relaxed Work Environment
  • Easy Working Hours (20 Hours a Week)
  • Company Provided Lunch!
  • Talented Team with a potential for a full time job
  • and more!
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